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Jun 17

Chip Brush

Are there tree remnant, brush piles, or any type of debris that need to be chipped and removed from your property? Call Las Vegas Superior Tree Service. During tree care and tree removal operations, we use our chippers to grind the smaller limbs, brush it, and haul it away. We can also come and chip … Continue reading “Chip Brush”

Palm Tree MaintenancePalm Tree TipsStump RemovalTree FertalizationTree Pruning
Apr 14

When to Prune Palm Trees?

Pruning Your Palm Trees – Part of Palm Tree Care 1. If Palms’ fronds are yellow, brown or broken prune them off. 2. Remove loose petioles or boots by hand. If they don’t pull off, leave them on. 3. Care of Palm Trees include removing Palm flower and fruit stalks. The formation of fruit and … Continue reading “When to Prune Palm Trees?”