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Palm Tree MaintenanceTree Care TipsTree Fertalization
Mar 17

Tree Transplanting

Do you need to move a tree? No matter what the reason is that you need tree transplanting, Las Vegas Superior Tree Service is here to help you. You paid good money for those trees when you first had them planted into your property. There’s no sense in wasting your investment. If you’re not happy … Continue reading “Tree Transplanting”

Palm Tree MaintenancePalm Tree TipsStump RemovalTree Care Tips
Mar 17

Tree Care

Pruning Your Palm Trees – Part of Palm Tree Care 1. If Palms’ fronds are yellow, brown or broken prune them off. 2. Remove loose petioles or boots by hand. If they don’t pull off, leave them on. 3. Care of Palm Trees include removing Palm flower and fruit stalks. The formation of fruit and … Continue reading “Tree Care”